Friday, October 26, 2007

Makkai ke Roti


A range of grains and cereals are cultivated in Mithilanchal region which is ground to flour and derived to various types of breads. Other than whole meal flour(AATTA) that is prepared out of wheat, flours obtained from other grains are considered to be less in Gluten(water insoluble Protein ) and hence can not be stretched with a rolling pin. Therefore people always flatten it by patting the dough between their palm, this procedure is known as “Thokko” . one of the popular bread preparation in Mithila is “Makkai K Roti”

Makkai Ke Roti
( A thick bread preparation made out of Maize Flour )

Maize Flour: 300gms
Moisture: 150-170 ml
Ghee: 20 ml


Make a semi soft dough with flour and moisture. Devide it into four equal portions.
Thokko it to 0.5 cms thick and 10-12 cms in diameter.
Dry bake it on a Tawa on both the sides.
Smear with Ghee and serve along with Roasted whole chilly and salt.

a paste of 15-20 gms of onion and ginger could be added along with fennel (Ajwain) and little salt while making the dough. This will not only taste but smell also very mouth watering.

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Sudhanshu said...

Kudos to you guys! You have captured and published the mouth watering recipes of Mithila.

I hope this will go a long way into popularizing the same. And for us amateurs gives an opportunity to create and enjoy the cuisines overseas.