Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Maachh: (Round fish, fried and cooked in Mustard gravy)


Round Fish (Rohu/ Katla) 8 pcs. (on and across the bone)
Mustard seed 50 gms
Mustard oil 200 ml
Onion 200 gms
Garlic 50 gms
Tomato 75 gms
Fresh Coriander Leaves
Salt As required
Red chilly Pd 10 gms
Turmuric 5-7 gms
Lemon Juice Optional


Wash Fish and marinate it with salt, turmeric 50 gms of onion paste and lemon juice
Chop tomatoes, mince garlic, slice onion and make a smooth paste of mustard


Heat oil in a pan(Kadai), deep fry marinated fish and take it aside.Heat oil again and add the tempering of mustard followed by garlic paste and onion slice. Fry till light brown in color.Add mustard paste and fry till 7-10 minutes over moderate heat, later add tomatoes, stir fry for two more minutes. Add water as much as you require for the gravy.Let the gravy come to a boiling stage and finally put fried fish pcs, reduce the flame and allow it to simmer for 10-12 minutes
Eventually take it out and serve hot, garnished chopped coriander leaves

Variation: The excellent variation of Maach could be obtainedby adding 75 gms of additional mustard paste deriving a thick pouring gravy, topped with 20 ml of raw mustard oil.


Anonymous said...

Baah Baah Nandan Babu, ke MAANCHH banelou, tadtada rahal aichh MAANCH sab garamagaram tel main, dekhte deri moonh main pain aaib gel,..... :)

Anonymous said...

इह.. . बूरि नहि तन
पहिले इ किया नहि लिखलौं - मिथिला मेह रारक भोजन कोना बनैत छै
बूरि माछ म प्याज आ लहसुन परै छै
ककरो सा सीख क आऊ जे माछ कोना बनैत छै
sorry but i could not help
i didnt expect that in the name of maithili cuisine you are producing your home cuisine

the fish a la mithila is defenately made in mustard however what makes it special is the use of hing, which adds a unique fervor to the taste.

this is how it is made in every household of all classes in the areas of dense shotriya population

Anonymous said...

This is very good method to make rohu fish i tried, it was awsome experience

Anonymous said...

banelau eh vidhi sa bahut badhiya banal chal maachh i give 5 star to this method.

Help Guru Shailendra said...

Mara maach ke bare me jankari de..