Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Khaja ( Laminated pastry deep fried and dipped in Sugar syrup)

Khaja is a very traditional maithil sweet preparation. They say it being a must in any local function. From Thread ceremony ( Janaayu) to Marriages to Last rites it is a mandate to have Khajas prepared. One can say any function is incomplete with no Khajas incorporated in the menu.


Refined Flour: 2 kgs.
Moisture (Water): 1.10 Ltrs (55% of the quantity of Flour)
Fat (vanaspati preferably): 2 Ltrs.
Ghee (shortening agent): 1Kg.
One string Sugar cyrup: 3 ltrs.


Make a semi soft dough out of flour and moisture.
Flatten it thin with the help of rolling pin in batches.
Apply a layer of ghee as shortening agent.
Roll it now, cylindrical in shape.
Cut the rolled cylinder widthwise in small chunks.
Shape the chunks by pressing them softly between your palms.
Deep fry till it is crisply done.
Dip the fried chunks in sugar cyrup.
Take it out allow it to dry again.
Araange it in a basket (changera) and present.