Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pirikia ( Sweet patties stuffed with flavored Khoya and deep fried)

Pirikia ( Sweet patties stuffed with flavored Khoya and deep fried)

In mithilnchl Pirikia has got very vital significance. Like Khajas they are also widely used as “Sanesh” (present/gift). They have equal importance in many of the festivities as well in the region . They are as similar as patties with a small difference of not being laminated. The stuffing used for the dish is Khoya (Dry Ricott Cheese mde out of whole milk instead of whey). Khoyas are then flavored with Cardamom, Cinnamon and dry fruits. One can also use the filling of sweetened flavored semolina ( Suji) instead of Khoya.

Pirikias being deep fried and having dry rich filling can be stored for up to 20 days. It can be consumed as a secondary meal may be breakfast or evening snacks.


Refined Flour: 1 Kg
Sweetened Khoya: 500 Gms
Grated coconut: 150 Gms
Raisins: 50 Gms
Cashew nuts (split n broken): 50 gms
Dates (chopped): 50 Gms.
Cardamom: 5-7 in nos.
Vanaspati : 1 Ltr


Make hard dough of refined flour.
Flavor Khoya with cardamom. Add grated coconut, resins, cashew nuts and dates and mix well.
Take small chunk of dough and roll it thin.
Stuff a spoon of mixture and seal it. You can also give it different fancy shape.
Now deep fry it in vanaspati.
Arrnge it in a “Changera” Basket and present.

Arikonch ke Tarkari (Marinated sun dried Colocasia leaves, steamed and cooked in mustard gravy)

“Arikonch” Colocasia leaves are too common in any maithil house to be prepared a good curry item. In fact it is a kind of shrub that crops up near household premises in villages. Colocasia leaves have two different categories, Normal and Wild. One should be careful enough in choosing the leaves, as the later one gives an itching sensation in the mouth.

One can see the diversity of cooking method in making Arikonch. Marinated leaves are sun dried, steamed/deep fried and finally cooked in the gravy. This is perhaps one of its type dish where different cooking methods are used together.


Arikonch (Colocsi Leaves) : 6 in nos.
Besan: 100 gms
Mustard seed: 50 gms
Onion: 100 gms
Garlic: 50 gms.
Mustard oil : 50 ml
Red chilly powder. : 15 gms.
Coriander leaves: for garnish
Lime juice: one lime
Tomatoes :Optionl
Salt : as per taste.
Turmeric: 5-7 gms


Wash, clean and trim Arikonch leaves.
Make thick paste of besan without salt.
Apply it over the leaves and stick one leaf over another ( maximum 3 leves)
Now roll it and sundry for 2-3 hrs.
Make smooth paste of mustard seed and chop tomatoes.
Cut onion and crush garlic


Steam the rolled leaves for 20 minutes.
Slice it in roundels.
Heat oil in pan. Add tempering of mustard seed.
Sauté and sweat onion and garlic
Add tomatoes, and cook it for some time followed by mustard paste.
Put water deriving the mixture to thin pouring curry texture.
Lastly put Arikonch slices and bring it to boil.
Finish the dish with lemon juice. Garnish and serve.