Saturday, September 6, 2008



Kachari is counted as one of among the all time favrouite snacks in mithila. The best accompaniment taken with kachri is “Jhilli” ( deep fried thin strings of batter) or some people even prefer Chhura Bhuja along with it. A leisure evening with Kachri is said to be an ideal evening. In totality this is the best snacks that no one would stand disagreed.

  • Onion: 250 gms
  • Besan: 200 gms
  • Salt : as per taste
  • Garlic paste: 20 gms
  • Ajwaain: 3-4 gms
  • Mustard oil: 400 ml
  • Peel, cut and slice onion and separate the flakes।
  • Mix it with besan, salt, and ajwaain.
  • Put water and make a paste avoiding any lumps in the mixture.
  • Heat oil in a kadhai and let it come to the smoke point.
  • Put small-small parts of the mixture in the kadhai and deep fry it till golden brown in color.
  • Take it out of oil and relish it with Jhilli (deep fried thin strings of batter) or Murhi (rice puffs)

You can also enjoy kachri with Lachha Onion and lemon juice, salt, chilli mixture.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Chaurak Kheer

Chaurak Kheer:

Chaurak Kheer is a very common dessert that is prepared in evry maithil home almost in evry good occasion. Apart from this being a dessert, somtimes it also serves the purpose of a side dish for an example with Daaila wala Puri ( bread stuffed with boiled and seasoned cereals) or some other normal bread preparation.

The dish could be compared with the similar Bengali preparation called "Payesh" with a few difference like in the quality of rice used and the addition of flavouring ( mostly Bay leaf). Maithil practice is to use "New Crop Basmati grains" that is longer in size and gives a very good consistancy to the final product, while bengalis prefer using smaller grains like GobindoBhog rice ( a rice quality majorly used for making Payesh only) which has a very sweet aroma.

However, in this preparation, I've used a blend of both, and also added an additional flavour of rose water which is optional which you can definately avoid using .


Basmati rice and Gobidobhog rice Blend: 75 gms
High fat milk: 2 Ltrs
Sugar: 100 Gms
Raisins: 50 Gms
Cashew Nuts: 50 Gms
Cardamom: 04 in Nos
Rose water (optional) : 2 spoons
Wash and soak the rice and soak raisins separately.
Bring milk to the boiling stage with cardamom and reduce it to 1.5 ltrs (approx)
Add the soaked rice to the milk and let it cook well with continuous stirring.
when the rice is cooked and mixture becomes little thickened, add sugar and cashew nuts to it.
Put it on a slow flame and stir.
Serve hot garnished with raisins.