Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Chaaur Ke Roti

The Chaaur Ke Roti (rice-roti or the roti made with rice flour) is very common food in villages of Bihar (especially Mithila). We people from Bihar (also known as Bihari) eat rice-roti to change our taste. Our normal food consists of roti as one or two meal in a day. Rice-Roti even though it tastes good, but does not have wider recognition like Wheat Roti, Naan Bread etc in the western world. But take my word, it tastes really-really good :)

  • Rice Flour (2 Cups)
  • Maize Flour (1/2 Cup) to avoid roti being broken while baking.
  • Little bit of Ghee to apply during cooking.
  1. Mix Rice flour with Maize flour dry.
  2. Kneed the flour with a small amount of luke Warm water. It should not be boiling water.
  3. When the Rice Flour is mixed. Keep it aside for sometime (2-5 minutes) and let the mix become soft.
  4. Put Tava on Stove and allow it to heat properly till it is ready to bake the Rotis.
  5. Take Small amount of the mix (wet) and then roll it as thin as possible on rolling plate to give it round shape (at least try for a round shape :)).
  6. Bake the Roti one side on Tava (pan) and turn it.
  7. While other side is being baked apply little bit of Ghee on the side which is baked already.
  8. Turn it and apply ghee on other side while the first side with ghee is already being baked again.
  9. Bake the other side properly.
The Roti is ready to be served.

  1. The Water must be luke warm.
  2. Do not Turn Roti many times. This will spoil the taste.
  3. Do not apply mustard oil. Use Ghee if possible, if not then you can use Dalda (Vegetable Oil) as well.
For Best taste eat with Pickles and spicy curry :).


mithilaworld said...

bahut nik info rhl e hamra liy

niti karn said...

e sab ta recipie dekh ka man gadgad bha gel apnek prayas badd nik aichh sarahniya aichh seho aichh.