Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Khajuri (Thekua)

Thekua or Khajur as it is known in mithla is one of the traditional sweet items in our homes. Be Teej or Jitiya this is a mandatory item cooked at home. While there are many variations of this is found in homes, like crispy, soft, big, small etc. But the cooking method is more or less same wherever we go. Mithila is known for sweet items and maithils are sweet lovers so the first dish on this site is sweet item.

Maida 500gms.
Suji 500gms.
Sugar 500gms.
Milk 250gms.
Ghee 100gms.
Chuhara 50gms.
Elaichi powder 20gms.
Dry coconut 50gms.
Raisins (kismis) 50gms.
Saunf 20gms.
Ghee for deep frying 500gms

  1. Cut all the dry fruits into very small pieces.
  2. Mix all the items including milk and ghee in a bowl and spray water in small Amount. Mixture should be a little hard. (mixture should not stick to your hands.)
  3. Make pieces off the size off cookies with your hand.
  4. Put a pan on the gas stove. Put ghee in it. Let it be heated for some time.
  5. Deep fry the cookies until they turn brownish in color.
  6. Take out the cookies from the pan. Now your snack is ready.
It can be preserved for about fifteen days if you keep it in an airtight container.


Nandan Jha said...

The dough which is prepared for making Thekua is caleed Short Crust Pastry, in order to make it more crispy one has to use 40% of Bakery fat or Dalda( vanaspati)which shuold be creamed and then the mixure of Suzi (samolina)and Flour has to be added.

the precaution one has to take while making the dough is that it should not be kneaded by hands but mixed with the fingure tips, else the dough will become soggy causing the product leathery or stiff after frying.

while making the dough you can even use egg yolks for enriching it instead of Milk it doesnt effect the taste( though here people will not practice it but it is good for consumption for those who like more of nutrition in their diet)

अजित कुमार झा said...

wah dekh ka muh me paain aabi gel ....hamar manpriya thakuwa....chhutti hoite banebak prayatna karav...dhanyabaad jaankaari k lel.

Anonymous said...

bar neek lagal ahan ke banaul thakua .RAMRUCH,TILKORAK ,ANARSAA AUAR MANCHH KA BANAUNAI shikhabak anchhee

Anonymous said...

thekua should be a little harder...break it in moth...strat munching and the taste of thekua will unfold slowly and there will be changes in taste in the mouth different ingredients......delicious when prepared traditionally

Anonymous said...

what is chuhara?

KSR said...

Chhuara is a dried date.

Photography said...

I love thekua. Thanks for posting such a great knowledge for preparing thekua. It will be great if you also post how to prepare other Bihari sweets like gujiya, malpua, etc.