Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Aloo kaa Duum (दम-आलू)

Motivated by mithilacusine, recently, I tried to re-invent aloo-dum. My all time favorite aloo dum was appreciated by my family.

दम-आलू (Aloo kaa Duum) is a propularly known as Aloo kaa Rasgoolla. Typically it can be prepared with the recipie of Mutton, replacing mutton cube with the aloo (potato). Following are the ingradients that can be used to prepare aloo duum for a family:

Aloo: Baby size (400 gm).
Onion: 250 gms.
garlic: Two bigger piece.
Ginger: Size of index finger
Green Chilli: 6 pieces
Curry Leaves: 10 (if you want a unique test, not used in mithila but I like it).
Garam Masala: One tea spoon.
Coreinder Power: 1 tea spoon.
Black pepper Power: 1/2 team spoon.
Desi Ghee: 2 tea spoon
Salt, Turmeric Powder up to regular taste level
Method: Cut the onion in very fine piece and prepare garlic paste. Fry onion in karaahi (lohiyaa) till brown and put the garlic paste.
Fry the combination till smell of garlic hit your nose. Peel of the potato and make several hole using fork so that masala will pentrate into it to make it more tasty.
I dedicate this re-used to my family. This is evident from this
Put the neatly cleaned potato in the onion garlic mixture and mix salt, termeric , powder , garam masala. Fry this mixture for 3-5 minutes and put them in cooker. Let this mixture remain in pressure for 10 minutes.
Once pressure is off, put two teas spoons of desi ghee and your aloo dum is ready serve this along with daal and taruaa.

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pujakumari said...

I know its really tasty