Wednesday, November 7, 2007


It is a milk product, which is popularly known as “Doodh Bagiya” amongst Mithila people. Doodh Bagiya is specially made in the month of ‘Poos’ (January) to Celebrate ‘ Pooshat’ of new born baby in the family. Although it is a common sweet dish in Mithilanchal. So here goes the mantra to make this yummy-yummy sweet dish.

01 cup New Rice flour
05 cups Milk
01 1/2 tbsp Cashew nuts (chopped)
01 tbsp Dry Coconut (chopped)
1 ½ tbsp Almond (chopped)
½ tbsp Pistachio nuts (chopped) to Garnish
Sugar as desired

  • Paste the rice flour with luke warm water and make 1 ½ inches Bagiyas out of that paste.
  • Now pour the milk in a pan & keep it on the fire to boil.
  • When its boiling add Cashew nuts, coconut, almond, Bagiya & sugar in it and stir well for about 10 min.
  • Take the mixture from the fire and put it in a bowl & garnish it with chopped Pistachios.
  • And its ready to serve….

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Nandan Jha said...

Doodh Bagiya is a very mouth slobbering sweet dish preparation, practiced in Mithila. You can derive out even more tasty variation of it by flavouring the milk with Bayleaf or cardamom. some stuffing of Khoya or grated mawa can also be tried out in order to make Bagiya more yummy.

An another innovation of making Bagiya is , first cook it in the milk and take out, then reduc the left over milk to little thick creamy consistancy. Arrange the cooked bagiyas in a platter and pour the thickened flavoured milk over it. Cover it with Varaq (chandi ke panne). serve hot or cold garnised with Raisins or chopped Pistachio.

do certainly try this out once in any function or get together at your home and win hearts of your guests.