Friday, November 23, 2007

Makhanak Kheer

Makhanak Kheer:

Makhana or Lotus Seed is one of the specialty of Mithila. It is obtained from the water source. According to an old saying it is one of among those three things which is not found even in paradise, the rest two are Fish and Betel leaf. The one and most popular dish prepared from Makhana is " Makhanak Kheer". This is a must eat preparation of Kumar Purnima (Kojagra) for newly wed couples. There is concept of preparing it and leaving it under the sky for sometime in the night and then enjoying the taste of it. This sweet preparation is much different from any other Kheer or Payesh preparation made in other parts of the country . In other words this a unique dish which is made in Mithilanchal and every maithil takes pride in exclusivity of this.


Makhana: 75 gms
Milk: 01 Ltr
Bayleaf: 2 nos
Cardamom: 02 nos
Dried coconut: 10 gms
Dried dates (Chopped) : 20 gms
Raisins: 25 gms.
Mawa (optional): 50gms
Sugar: 100gms

  • Roast Makhanas in a Kadai for 3-4 minutes। Let it cool for a few minutes and grind it to a course texture
  • Chop dry fruits except raisins।


  • Bring milk to a boiling stage along with Bay leaf and Cardamom and reduce by stirring continuously .

  • You can add mawa (optional) which will give a thickening to the milk.

  • Add the powder of Makhanas now with dry fruits. Allow it to simmer for some time till you get your desired consistency.

  • Add Sugar as per your taste.

  • Serve it hot or cold garnished with raisins.

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